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When Crying in Front of Students is a Good Thing

Perhaps sometimes, a role model who expresses appropriate emotion, without shame, is just what students need.

Constructing Identities: A Social Media Unit for Character Analysis

I even let them curse. They loved it.

Five Features of Effective Co-Teaching

If you've read my previous article Co-Teaching: A Subject Teacher's Perspective, you'll know that I haven't always been great at sharing the big chair. Reflecting on my own practice since I started co-teaching with special educators, I've come up with five features of effective co-teaching:

3 Tips for Coordinating Co-Teaching: Are we on the same page?

There is a middle ground between laissez-faire and control freak status.

On any given school day, Janine and Marianne work out of three or more different classrooms each, in two different buildings.  They are considered "push-in" support for various subjects, including but not limited to mathematics, science, and English literature.  Over the... Continue Reading →

Co-Teaching: A Subject Teacher’s Perspective

I observed in awe how they proceeded through each lesson, never having to ask or remind one another of what to do, each knowing her role. They supported one another without interfering.

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