Asha Kancherlapalli

I am a young(ish) former teacher with six years’ experience in education. Over the last several years, I’ve contributed to and written over 40 original curriculum units on topics as diverse as Shakespeare’s tragedies, social media, the Abrahamic religions, and science fiction. I have also taught professional development workshops on how to implement graphic organizers in teaching and learning, and had the honor of presenting my action research on literacy remediation at the 2016 International Baccalaureate conference for the Africa, Europe, and Middle East region.

Additionally, I taught speech writing and public speaking for Bonn International School’s TEDxYouth activity. You can view some of my students’ TED Talks at I also ran an extracurricular creative writing group for grade 8-12 students, where students workshop their fiction, poetry, scripts, and creative nonfiction at weekly meetings.