Here’s me circa 2014.  I miss my long hair!

I am a young(ish) fourth year middle school teacher, American born and currently living in Germany. I had always assumed I’d teach high school English literature, and possibly drama or public speaking, as my BA is in theatre arts.

Instead, I currently teach grades 6-9 English Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, and Individuals & Societies (social studies). It’s wild teaching so many different subjects and grade levels, but as the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life!

Additionally, I teach speech writing and public speaking for our school’s TEDxYouth club. You can view some of my students’ TED Talks at http://www.tedxyouthbis.com. I also run a creative writing group for grade 8-12 students, where students workshop their fiction, poetry, scripts, and creative nonfiction at weekly meetings.